March 29, 2021

Toward the end of last year, the Working Athlete team took a course called Insane Productivity – a 12-week series loaded with tricks, exercises, and eye opening realizations aimed at improving focus, seeing the work that matters, and tossing the distractions aside.

I wanted to share just one simple routine that has already paid off. 


This past Sunday, our CEO Courtney and I sat down to look at all of the important tasks I needed to focus on during my week. Once I had my tasks written down, we plugged them into my schedule, giving each task enough time for undivided attention in my day. This week I have felt more in control, more prepared, and far more PRODUCTIVE with the important things I need to accomplish.

Now why should you care? If you’re anything like me, you like feeling prepared, you need time for the gym, you cherish time with your family, and you must make time to do meaningful work…the work that pays the mortgage. None of those things happen, or happen well, when you’re stressed, pulled in 4 different directions, or unprepared.

Now…there’s more strategy involved with planning your weeks on Sunday than I overly simplified. But I promise, and so do the millions of highly successful people who do it, if you carve out just one hour every Sunday to plan the week ahead you will reduce your stress, be more productive, and keep a better head on your shoulders while you’re doing it.

I’m on point with my work, I’m prepared, I’m eating well, I have less stress, and I haven’t been derailed by unexpected events.

Give next week just one hour of your weekend and enjoy the leverage it gives you. Let us know how it goes and develop this kick-ass routine with us.

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