Wild C8 MCT Powder


• 7g of Healthy, Energy-Rich Fat Per Serving*
• Enhance Physical Stamina & Mental Clarity*
• Burn Stored Body Fat with L-Carnitine & CoQ10*

Delivering increased endurance, improved mental clarity, enhanced appetite control, and elevated physical performance, Wild C8 MCT is a revolutionary medium-chain triglyceride that maximizes your production of clean and sustainable energy. Wild C8 MCT is virtually pure caprylic acid (C8), the body's preferred choice of MCT for easily utilized and efficient energy.

Keto-Friendly - Readily absorbed & converted to high-energy ketones.*
Appetite Control - Improves appetite control and reduces total caloric intake.*
C8 MCT - Virtually pure caprylic acid (C8), the body's preferred choice for easily utilized, readily available energy.*

Temporarily Backordered:

Due to unforeseen demand, we are temporarily backordered on Wild C8 MCT. We expect to be restocked by 10/27. We fill backorders in the order they were placed and to ensure your order is filled as soon as possible we encourage you to place a backorder ASAP.Thank you for your patience during this time and for making your health a priority.

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