Working Athlete Science and Formulations Board

At Working Athlete the foundation of our entire company rests on the expertise of our Working Athlete Science, Research and Formulations Board. The Board has over 100 years of combined clinical work at prestigious universities and human performance labs from around the world. You can rest assured that all of our products have a sound scientific platform. We will not entertain or bring to market products that are the result of a theory, fad or latest trend. This esteemed Working Athlete Science, Research and Formulations Board gives you the confidence of knowing that all of our products are designed to make a positive contribution to the overall health and performance of the consumer. Thank you in advance for trusting our team.

- Mark Paulsen, Working Athlete Founder. 



Professor of Biochemistry, Medicine and Pathology

Georgetown University Medical Center

Chair of Working Athlete Science, Research and Formulations Board

Harry G, Preuss, MD, MACN, CNS, received his BA and MD from Cornell University and trained for three years in internal medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Preuss studied for two years as a fellow in renal physiology at Cornell University Medical Center under Dr. Robert F. Pitts and spent two years in clinical and research training in nephrology at Georgetown Medical Center under Dr. George E. Schreiner. DR. Preuss was a special research fellow of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Following five years as an assistant and associate (tenured) professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where he became an established investigator of the American Heart Association. Dr. Preuss performed a six-month sabbatical in molecular biology at the NIH in the laboratories of Dr. Maurice Burg. Dr. Preuss is now a tenured Professor in four departments at Georgetown University Medical Center- Biochemistry, Physiology, Medicine, and Pathology.


His bibliography includes over 240 peer-reviewed, original medical research papers, 200 general medical contributions (chapters, review articles, etc.), 7 patents, and more than 250 abstracts. Dr. Preuss has written, edited or co-edited nine books and three symposia published in well-established journals. He has two recently published books: one co-authored for the lay public entitled The Natural Fal Loss Pharmacy that sold over 150,000 copies and a second co-edited for the academic community entitled Obesity: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Prevention that received outstanding reviews from the NEJM and JAMA. In 1976, Dr. Preuss was elected to membership in the American Society for Clinical Investigation on the first attempt. His previous government appointments included four years on the Advisory Council for the National Institute on Aging, two years on the Advisory Council of the Director of the NIH (NIA Representative), and two years on the Advisory Council for the Office of Alternative Medicine of the NIH. He has been a member of many other peer research review committees for the NIH and American Heart Association and was recently a member of the National Cholesterol Education Program of the NHLBI and clinical study section JH- of the NIH.


  • Elected the ninth Master of the American College of Nutrition (ACN)
  • Former Chairman of two CAN Councils-Cardiovascular/Aging and Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods
  • In 2008 and 2010, he was twice more re-elected president of the CAN, the only person to hold this office more than once.
  • Dr. Preuss is a member of the board of directors for the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA) and was made a member of the ANH-INT scientific and Medical collaborations group.
  • Wrote the nutrition section for the Encyclopedia Americana.
  • Past President of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS) that gives the CNS certification.
  • Chairman of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Georgetown University, which reviews all clinical protocols at Georgetown University Medical Center, for over twenty years.
  • Current chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for
  • Recipient of the Harold Harper Lectureship Award (ACAM), William B. Peck, James Lind, and Bieber Awards for his research and activities in the medical and nutrition fields.
  • Current research, both laboratory and clinical, centers on the use of dietary supplements to favorably influence or even prevent a variety of medical perturbations, especially those related to obesity, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Lately, he has also researched the ability of many natural products to overcome various infections, including those resistant to antibiotics.
  • Won, through a vote of his peers, the coveted Charles E. Ragus Award of the CAN for publishing the best research paper in their journal for the year of 2006 and the CAN Award for 2010 given to an outstanding senior investigator in nutrition.
  • In 2014, he received the Jonathan Emord Awards for his research in the fields of Medicine and Integrative Medicine.



Bachelor of Arts (Bacteriology) - University of California, Los Angeles (1971 )

Ph.D. program (Microbiology/Biochemistry) - Oregon State University, Corvallis (1972-1974)


Scheckenbach received his baccalaureate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with Bacteriology as his major field of study. Major coursework included biochemistry, physiology, comparative and molecular genetics, virology, immunology, zoology, and medical microbiology. During his senior year, he conducted independent research on Myxococcus xanthus as a model for the molecular basis of cellular differentiation in higher organisms. This work was supported in part by a National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Grant awarded to Scheckenbach. Doctoral studies in Microbiology/Biochemistry were pursued by Scheckenbach at Oregon State University, Corvallis, under Dr. Lyle R. Brown. All requisite coursework was completed for the Ph.D. program with a cumulative 3.8 GPA. Supported both as a teaching assistant and as a research assistant (through a National Institutes of Health research grant), Scheckenbach studied morphological mutants of Bacillus subtilis, altered in RNA polymerase activity, as a model for transcriptional control and selective gene expression during cellular life cycle. Scheckenbach began work in the nutritional field in 1978 and since then has conceptualized, validated, and formulated products for more than one hundred companies worldwide. In addition, he has researched and developed a portfolio of highly effective and widely used proprietary nutritional ingredients for inclusion in dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages.


•Dean's Honor List - University of California, Los Angeles (1971 )

•Guest Lecturer, Nutritional Biochemistry - University of Oregon, Eugene, Department of Anthropology (1994-1997)

•Executive Director- Institute for Biomolecular Nutrition ( 1994-1999)

•Member, National Nutritional Alliance - American College of Nutrition (1999 to 2003)

•Consulting nutritional advisor to numerous professional, university, and Olympic sports teams and individual athletes (1992 to present)

•President of Breakthrough Nutrition, LLC, nutritional R&D and advising

•Author of more than forty scientific journal papers and secular/trade publication articles

•Industry Adviser/Consultant and Interviewee for a nutrition industry documentary - "Swallow This" (2011)

•Guest appearance on The Dr. Oz Show (2012)




Bachelor of Science - Institute of Physical Education and Sport, Moscow Russia (1982)
Post-Graduate Research Associate - Central University of Physical Education (1982-1986)
Ph.D. (Biochemistry) - Institute of Physical Education and Sport, Moscow Russia (1989)


    Oleynikov received his undergraduate degree in 1982 at the prestigious Institute of Physical Education and Sport in Moscow Russia. Immediately upon graduation, Oleynikov began working closely with the renowned sports biochemist, Nikolai I. Volkov, Ph.D., conducting investigational research on the enhancing effects of select natural products on athletic performance. This work formed the foundation for his further studies in sports nutrition and eventually led to his earning a doctorate in Biochemistry from the Institute of Physical Education and Sport under Dr. Volkov. Oleynikov previously served as a research scientist for the former USSR’s national sports teams and, from 1992 to the present, for Russia’s national sports teams and Olympic Committee. In this capacity, Oleynikov formulates nutritional products, provides nutritional advice to the Committee and to individual athletes, and presents programs on improving physical performance in all athletic activities.


    • Former Russian champion and record holder in Track and Field competitions (discus, pentathlon, and 100 meter dash)
    • Developer of numerous proprietary natural products for athletic enhancement
    • Director of Biosport Ltd., a company devoted to improving sports performance through nutritional interventions
    • Author of more than thirty scientific books, monographs, and articles about sports nutrition
    • Consultant to Russian national sports teams and Russian Olympic Committee 




    Bachelor of Science – The University of Utah, Exercise Science

    Master of Science – The University of Montana, Health and Human Performance

    Ph.D. – Brigham Young University, Exercise Physiology


    Dr. Lankford’s research has covered a broad spectrum in the field of exercise physiology ranging from work performance of wildland firefighters to gene expression of human skeletal muscle.  His current research interests include the energy requirements of non-traditional exercise and functional movement patterns in archery and rifle shooting.  He spent years analyzing the energy demands of various hunts and focusing how to physically prepare for these different hunting environments. As such he is an avid outdoorsman and has been prostaff for multiple outdoor companies.  Dr. Lankford is currently a professor of exercise physiology and a college archery instructor.

    Awards, Affiliations, and Accomplishments

    • Professor- Brigham Young University-Idaho
    • Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine
    • President of the American College of Sports Medicine Northwest Chapter
    • Over 20 peer-reviewed abstract and publications in the field of applied human physiology.
    • Scientific Journal Reviewer: Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
    • Fitness research consultant