• Supports the Digestive Tract*
• Improves Cholesterol Profile*
• Controls Good & Bad Gut Bacteria*

Provide the microbiome of your gut with the high-power fuel it requires to thrive. Good gut health has been linked to an effective immune system, sharper brain function, and improved cardiovascular performance.*

This 10g formula of high-quality soluble and insoluble fiber further supplies the probiotic organisms of the gut with the means to keep things running smoothly… if you know what we mean.*

Supports the Digestive Tract - Supports and fortifies the health and function of the digestive tract.*
Improves Cholesterol ProfileImproves cholesterol profile, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, and reduces appetite.*
Controls Good and Bad Gut Bacteria - Nourishes "good" probiotic organisms & controls bad bacteria in the gut.*