March 29, 2022

Introduction to Master Your Mind – “Your Weekly Mindset Coaching Session”

Welcome to Master Your Mind (MYM), a weekly mindset coaching session brought to you through our emails. Our goal is to help give you the tools to create long-lasting habits. Habits that will help you create long-term health & well-being for you, your family, friends, co-workers, and everyone important in your life. 

Each week for the next few months, instead of talking to you about our products, we will share a Master Your Mind session. These will all be based on one word or one phrase that we will give you a simple and easy habit to work on and think about over the week

At Working Athlete we know the importance of not only emphasizing the importance of preparing your body but emphasizing the importance of preparing your mind as well. Training your mental muscle to trigger when you need it most to set you into a positive mindset. Most incidents and injuries happen when your mind isn’t focused.

If you have ever asked yourself these questions: How do I switch from a negative to a positive mindset? How do I get my mind right when it’s feeling fatigued?  How do I regain focus when I am stressed or anxious?

With MYM, we plan on teaching you creative ways to trigger a positive mind set when you need it most. Triggering your mind if you are feeling any of the following throughout your day to keep your mind on task, which in turn will keep you safe and healthy throughout your day.

  • To “Trigger” your mind into a state of positivity if you have a negative thought
  • To “Trigger” your mind if you lose focus. 
  • To “Trigger” your mind if you are feeling anxious or stressed. 
  • To “Trigger” your mind if you are feeling fatigued. 

How to use MYM?

After reading each week's session, work on implementing the message into your day. Use it to generate discussion within your workgroup to look at behaviors that can be improved. At the end of each MYM, we give you an Action Step that will include a few questions or suggestions to help you engage in your mental muscle training.

Not every MYM message will resonate with you, so follow along and focus on the MYM that you think will help you. The combination of a healthy body and mind will help you reduce your risk for injury, recover quicker from an injury, have more energy and focus so you can increase your productivity at work and at home!

The Master Your Mind Guide is to help YOU create IMPACT! To help you create a positive mindset through simple words or messages. Think of this as a gift. Share it with your co-workers, family, and friends. If we all share with those around us, think about how many lives we can IMPACT together!

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