Base Hydration Packets Case (1,200 Servings)


Not only did we strike the perfect balance of sodium,potassium, and magnesium to feed your body theright amount of the right electrolytes, we addedzinc to support your body's absorption of water andvitamin-c to nourish your immune system.*

  • Stay Charged - Vitamin-c and zinc will keep your immune system sharp and your body properly absorbing water.*
  • Stay Balanced -Magnesium doesn’t just contribute to bodily hydration and fluid balance, it supports steady energy levels and improved blood sugar balance.*
  • Well Rounded Hydration -With 185 mg of Sodium, your cells will maintain a proper fluid balance evenwhile sweating heavily.*
  • Beyond Hydration -125 mg of Potassium works in harmony with sodium to encourage the proper amount of fluids to be pulled into your cells,preventing dehydration.*