April 16, 2021

Before you get started, warm up with 5 minutes of a light run, row, mountain climbers, or any dynamic movement to elevate your heart rate. Don’t overcomplicate this, just get the blood flowing. Try a different warm-up than you did the day before.

Complete 2-4 sets of each movement depending on fitness level. Go through this circuit one set at a time and repeat for 2-4 rounds. Maintain proper form and focus on good quality reps.


  • Air Squat / Squat Jump Alternating x 20 total reps.
  • Shoulder Taps / Shoulder Reaches x 16 each movement. (alternating during each movement)  
  • Glute Bridge Hold for 30 seconds, then perform 20 Glute bridges right after hold. 
  • Bodyweight Dips x 12 (performed on couch, bed, coffee table etc.) 
  • Split Stance Squat Holds for 30 seconds, then perform 10 split squats each side 
  • Supine Leg Lift Hold x :30 then perform 1:00 min of Flutter Kicks.


By Ty Hoelzen CPT, FMS