April 29, 2022


Quote: “I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to SERVE”

MYM Action Step:

First, get yourself a band to wear on your wrist! Each time you have a negative thought, feel frustrated or aren’t mentally in the game. Snap the Band! By snapping the band, you are choosing to be a LIGHTHOUSE not only for you, but for those that so desperately need it right now. How will you SERVE this week? 

What is the purpose of a Lighthouse? 

They “Serve” to warn ships of dangerous shallows and rocky coasts. They help guide vessels safely into and out of harbors. 

Today, our world is full of emotions such as anger, frustration, fear, isolation, stress, anxiety & hate. All of these are real emotions. Many people feel these emotions on a daily basis and try to deal with them internally.

There is a concept we call “SNAP THE BAND”. What does it mean to snap the band? It’s really a trigger. Literally to trigger a different emotion. When your mind or heart isn’t right, you have to trigger it. You have tobe opposite of that emotion. You have to SNAP THE BAND! 

What does that take? It takes you to trigger to a different mindset. Ask yourself if you are feeling any of these emotions today: Anxiety, stress, anger, or sadness. What are you going to do to trigger a different mindset? What’s the opposite that we seek? What’s the opposite of anger? Peace, calm. What’s the opposite of fear? Faith over fear. Conviction over fear. What is the opposite of anger and sadness. The answer is peace, calm and silence.

Now is the perfect time to practice your 424 Breath-Work Block. When you are done, say these words to yourself: Peace, Calm, Silence, Positivity, Memories. How do you feel?

Do you know what the hardest exercise you will ever perform is? The hardest exercise you will ever do is 10 minutes of Silence! This exercise allows you to gain trust in your own thoughts. This exercise helps you manage the chaos, stress and anxiety that you may have. The key is to commit to silence each day. *The 424 Block!!

How else do you feel the opposite? You think about how you can be a better person today? A better spouse? A better dad? A better co-worker? How can you serve today? How can you be a LIGHTHOUSE for someone in need? How can you get outside yourself today? What can you do? Lastly, when it comes to experiencing these emotions, how can you tap into your purpose?