October 04, 2021

You’ve got 99 things on the to-do list, and I bet, as of now, none of them include getting better (or more) rest. But why not? Everything is easier when we aren’t fighting fatigue, a foggy brain, or a lackluster approach to the day. Am I right?

Try setting new bedtime routines so you can wake up more rested and ready to crush the day.

#1 Set a bedtime.

If you have kids or have been around them, you know how grouchy they become when they miss their sleep window. Well, adults are the same way. Instead of manifesting into a floor-bound tantrum, though, we experience “sleepy” as irritable, emotional, hungry, anxious, stressed, etc..

Assess your life, schedule, and lifestyle then set a weekday and weekend bedtime. Remember, 7-9 hours is optimal.

Set an alarm on your phone or use an app to stay accountable (and don’t press the snooze!).

#2 Get ready the night before.

If you are someone who has an unusually early morning, or full schedule, it can be extremely beneficial to prepare for your day the night before. We’re talking food prep, clothes, coffee, workout gear, kids practice gear – all of it. Prep everything you need or have to do the night before. 

Bulk batch meals and food for the week (this includes meals for your family if you are preparing for others). Find more on meal prep here.

#3 Get a little ‘zenny.’

You may not be the type to call out your inner hippie, hell, maybe you don’t even have an inner hippie lurking inside, that’s ok! Reserve the last hour or two of the day for calm and laid back tasks that don’t require screen time. A total body stretch, yoga, hot bath, or a good book all work wonders on bringing the high vibe of the day down into zen mode.

Meditation or journaling can be an excellent opportunity to tap into the calm spirit within. Not sure how to meditate? Cruise the internet (not before bed) and find a meditation practice on audio.

#4 Don’t use your bed for anything other than sleep.

Ok, yes, there may be an exception to this, but bypass watching TV or plugging away on the laptop from the sheets. Reserve your bed for rest and sleep, not a place of work, or binging Netflix. (yes, I mean it!)

Add a little lavender essential spray to your sheets before bed. 

#5 Don’t start the morning late.

Waking up behind schedule is a sure way to start the day on the wrong side of the bed. Be sure to set your alarm with enough time to get your morning routine done without a rush. Your morning sets the tone for the entire day, make sure it’s a good one. 

Give yourself 10-30 minutes of downtime in the morning before you are expected to “do” anything else. And use it intentionally, not to surf social.

For those who need a little more help in the rest and sleep department throw some Unplug into your bedtime routines and wake up feeling rested, without that groggy hangover. Unplug is non-habit forming, natural, and a tried and true way to take the day on with a little extra pep in your step.